Insulation and Sticky Stuff

  • WP_20141025_002
    this is some gnarly stuff!
  • WP_20141025_003
    spreading the tar out
  • WP_20141025_010
    last foam layer to coat in tar
  • WP_20141025_004
    That's a lot of foam!
  • WP_20141025_012
    Completed floor bottom!
  • WP_20141025_013
    This is some sticky stuff! Still trying to scrub all of it off...

Put some more time on the trailer this weekend by waterproofing and insulating the bottom of our floor! To do this we first coated the bottom of the floor in asphalt emulsion tar. We then cut out some 1/2 inch insulation panels to fit in the slots  between our 2X2 support beams and screwed them into the floorboards. After pasting in the foam panels, we put in one last layer of tar and sealed the whole thing off. Should be fairly watertight now!

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