Android, MVP, Kotlin oh my!

Hello Internet!

So in my last post I had talked about joining an open source project, the National Weather Service App (github repository here). So far, it’s been a bit of a slog, mainly because I’m pretty new to developing for Android, and I’ve never used the architecture we’re centering around (Model View Presenter) in Android. Also the project is in Kotlin, which I’ve never touched before starting this project, so the learning curve has been pretty steep with this guy!

After talking with some of the other devs that had picked up the project and were hanging out on the Slack server, the general consensus was that no one was really a fan of Kotlin! So we decided we needed to plan a migration out of Kotlin to java with the code that had been submitted.

I submitted my first pull request for the project, and it was accepted! Details here!

Now it’s a matter of creating model classes for the pieces we want to store from the API calls to the NWS API. After model classes, then I need to bulk up the data manager that is the middle man between the API service caller and the model classes, and then we’ll be cooking with gas!

One of the other guys helping with the project (username Misha) also did some design mockups for the app! Here are a couple screenshots:









That’s all for now, I’ll keep posting progress on this project as we make it!

On another note, I’ve also been trying to bulk up on my cybersecurity knowledge. You might eventually see a walkthrough or two from me on challenges posted on vulnhub! I’m very new to that side of cybersecurity, so I’m going to start off with some easy images, but hopefully I can go further from there!


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