Starting an open source project!

Hello internet!

Isn’t this crazy?! I’m actually posting more than once within a 6 month time frame!!

So after my last post about thinking about getting into open source development, I started perusing various projects and accounts on to get some ideas. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to get started in as far as technology, but I wanted to try and get in at the very beginning of a project. In the past, I had tried coming into other open source projects after they had been established for several years, and I would always get super lost.

I found a github repository that was dedicated to furthering the open source cause by acting as a posting location for future project ideas! You can find that repo here!

After looking at some of the submitted ideas, I got very interested in one of the ideas for a new android app that has National Weather Service (NWS) alerts! (posting here). The whole idea centered around the fact that while lots of companies have their own weather apps with alerts and radar, the National Weather Service does not have their own application for displaying weather alerts and data.

Before you know it, I was part of a new Slack channel dedicated to this idea, we had a new repository opened yesterday, and 4 developers actively working on this project! I’m currently working on trying to integrate Google Maps into the application, so that your phone can supply the latitude and longitude based off your current location, and use that to submit a request to the NWS API and get weather data back!

As usual, I’ll try to the best of my abilities to keep you updated on how the project goes. I should be kicking off updates on my blog more often, so keep an eye out for more project updates!

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