Updates, and thinking about starting out in open source

Hello internet!

First off, I feel like I should apologize for the lack of posts on this site, really over the past couple of years. My life has changed quite a bit over the past few years, and I want to take a minute to go over that.

First off, in 2015 I started going back to Graduate school! I started taking undergrad level courses for Computer Science, but then later changed to CyberSecurity, where I’m currently in a Masters Degree program. While that’s been a good thing, it’s slowly replaced the bulk of time that I used to set aside for project work, which is when my time that I could devote to projects began to shorten.

As you might have seen from my other posts, I then bought a house with my wife, and we had our first baby in April of 2018! Picture below:

Fairly recent picture of my daughter, Eleanor!

So long story short, most of my project time has been split between maintaining a 4.0 in Grad School (not to toot my own horn, but TOOTY-TOOT!) and starting fatherhood.

Due to some recent financial changes in my life though (I got a new job that pays much better than my previous one!!), I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I should be getting some of my free time back, which will inevitably lead back to projects!

So what does that mean for this website? My first goal is that you should be seeing more regular postings on this site. I want to try to get either an update on an existing project, or a post about a project that interests me at least once a week. Half of my battle with keeping this site up to date is making sure to take pictures of everything I’m working on, and then taking the time to sit in front of the computer, and hammer out more posts.

My second goal with this website is to branch out a little bit more on the tech side with my projects for a little while, due to some of my changes in interest and general time constraints. It’s a little easier to keep on tech projects that don’t involve a ton of additional materials or man hours, as opposed to some of my previous woodworking projects (like the teardrop trailer).

I will still look for woodworking projects, and continue working on outstanding projects I haven’t completed yet (I’m looking at you, bowling alley wood coffee table!!). Eventually I will also have to make some updates to the teardrop trailer to add a bed for my daughter as well, so keep an eye out for updates on that front too!

In the very near future (like starting next weekend), I’ll be posting some updates to a class that I started at an arts collective that I teach music lessons out of! With a background in music tech, and my current interests in Raspberry Pi micro-computers, I decided to combine these interests into a back to school camp that teaches the basics of computer science, while also teaching music making through a program called Sonic Pi! If you want more information, sign up for the class! https://www.402artscollective.org/diy-dj-camp

To wrap up this post, I’ve been getting a bit of an itch to start an open source project. I really dig the idea of an open project that has more contributors than just myself, and after looking around for some open source project ideas, I think I finally found something that sounds good to start! So keep an eye out for some future posts on open source, android studio, and the beginnings of getting my next tech project off the ground!





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