Clock face cut out and ready to go!

Hello Internet!
After moving in to our new house, and (almost) finishing up the unpacking process, it’s time to dive back in to the projects I still have to finish up! First on the docket is the Magic location clock!

I found a JPEG of someone’s clock design that I really liked, so I used that as the “template” for my design. I went to GinnyLovegood1’s page (link here) and downloaded the Weasley clock design they had available on their site. After some tracing, covering up and re-drawing, I had my own clock design in photoshop with all of the locations that I wanted in place!


For the clock face, I wanted it to really have an old-timey, antique look to it. I decided the best material for this would be brass (or some other type of gold metal), so I tried and failed spectacularly at etching out brass with the CNC laser cutter at my local Do Space. Since brass was too tough to etch with that laser, I settled for AlumaMark for the etching. AlumaMark is a specially made aluminum sheeting that is made for laser etching, and is coated in whatever color you’d like. I found a gold color that matched up pretty well with the brass I had originally wanted to use, and after a trip to the Omaha Do Space for laser etching, I had my design!

With the design all etched out on my AlumaMark sheet, I grabbed my tin snips and jig saw and got to work cutting out the design. It actually came out great, and I’m loving how this looks so far!


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