Pharmacy Current is a wordpress site using a theme I designed and built with the bootstrap 3 framework.

I started with building standard html pages using bootstrap. After making a completely responsive html site for them, they wanted the ability to add and remove pages, images to their home page slider, and change their sources for an rss feed plugin. This led me to convert the html pages I had created into a fully functioning wordpress theme.

Since I was converting a site I had already created, I didn’t use any pre-built wordpress theme frameworks. This was a learning experience for me, in that generally I use frameworks for many of my wordpress themes, and never built one completely from scratch.

Along with the theme, I built a custom rss feed plugin that uses javascript to pull from several pharmacy feeds and displays them in a news article format. I also integrated MailChimp into the site with a custom-styled form that links to the client’s MailChimp subscriber list.

I also worked with the client in designing several different logos and branding for their company, since they didn’t have any branding at the start of the design process. I put together several examples of what I thought made good branding, and then used the logo the client felt fit them best.

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