Legs cut out for the work bench

Hello everyone,

So after going road tripping for a week, and then working on some website development for some clients, I was itching to get this workbench wrapped up!

I still had a few huge 4″X3″X10′ posts that made the foundation of the pallet I’ve been breaking down into this workbench. Normally I would’ve cut these out earlier in the project, but because of how thick these posts are, I had to wait until I had a  saw big enough and tough enough to handle these! Since my grandpa needed his table saw back last year, I broke down and bought my own handheld circular saw! With the new saw in hand, it was time to get started.

I cut the legs to 35 inches tall, which makes the bench the perfect height for either a standing workbench, or for a stool. Here’s a picture of one of the posts I cut for the legs.

One of the posts that I'm converting to bench legs. Check out that new Circular Sawon the ground!!

One of the posts that I’m converting to bench legs. Check out that new Circular Saw on the ground!!


After some measuring and cutting, I had my 4 – 35 inch legs! I was actually pretty happy with how they came out, not crooked or anything!

With my legs cut out, I wanted to do a dry fit of these legs with the table base, to see if I was going to need to make any adjustments. More pictures!

When I put the legs on, I didn’t realize the base boards I have that are obstructed from view by the sides aren’t 100% level. This makes the back left leg in the pictures a little longer by about 1/4 inch. I’ll have to cut that leg down a bit to compensate.

All in all though, not bad for what was a pallet about 9 months ago! I took the legs back off for now, and after I adjust them I’m going to pick up some carriage bolts and nuts, to make putting this back together a breeze! Then I can put clear coat on the sides of the bench, and I’m good to go!

I’ll post updates as they come. Hope you enjoyed this update!


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