Project Updates

Hello Internet!

My apologies for not posting anything for quite some time! I’m starting back to school this year (Computer Science, what fun!), and had a summer class over the end of May and through June that was kicking my butt!

I managed to find some time to make some more progress on a couple of my projects, so here is where I’m at so far.

One of the projects I started around fall of last year (jeez time is flying by!) is a workbench to put in my garage. After taking a little bit of time off of working on it, I’m now back in full force, assembling the entire bench out of various pieces of scrap wood I’ve been collecting.

After picking out the pieces for the table top and cutting them to size, I started gluing and screwing the pieces together.

Gluing and screwing the table top together

Gluing and screwing the table top together

With the table top put together (for the most part), I had to put together a base for the top to connect to. I took some more scrap wood and built a rectangular box that will connect the table top to the legs. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of making the actual box, but here is a finished picture of the table top connected to the rectangular base.

Rectangular base connected to the table top. Time for wood finish!

Rectangular base connected to the table top. Time for wood finish!

Lastly, I applied wood finish, and stain to the table top to get the color and texture that I wanted for the work bench. More pictures!

That’s all for now! All that’s left is cutting and attaching the legs for the bench, then applying the finish to the underside of the bench and it should be ready to use. I’ll post more updates to this project, along with the other projects I’m working on, as I make progress. Feel free to leave a comment on any other project ideas you have!

See you later!

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