Magic Location Clock!

Hello Internet!

So first off, I should apologize for the lack of posts. The past few months I’ve been playing in a few musicals that took up most of my February and March. Now that I don’t have any other long term shows until this summer, it’s time to get back to making some projects!

First, I’m starting off with the Weasley magic location clock that I mentioned in my previous post (check it out!). I found an antique clock off of craigslist that I bought for 20 bucks. The clock itself doesn’t work at all, but I’m pretty much just using the shell of the mantle clock for the location clock. Here are some pics!

The actual piece that will be pulling in the GPS data and moving the hands around is a raspberry pi micro-computer. I absolutely love these things, this is the same type of controller I used for my arcade cabinet project from 2014! I’m still working on the software side of this project, but I did order some new servo motors and the brass tubes to handle the movement of the different hands. Once I have a more concrete design that I can put on paper, I’ll update this site!

That’s all for now, not a terribly long post. See you guys later!


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