Arcade Cabinet Finished!

Hello Everyone!

So I was going through my blog site, and I realized that I never actually closed out on the raspberry pi arcade cabinet that I had built! I finished it quite a while ago, and have since loaded a couple hundred game roms onto it!

The software running on the pi is called retropie, you can find the image for it and a really super awesome blog about the retropie project here. To work with my setup and fit in perfectly with all of the specific GPIO assignments, I had to run off of a special distro of retropie that the arcade cabinet creator (Ryan Bates) built just for this setup! You can find his great website and order your own Portapi arcade cabinet here.

Once I loaded up the pi with the right distro of retropie, the rest of the project flew by! It was just a simple case of connecting the different button cables to the correct GPIO slots, booting everything up, and soldering the speakers! Here is a picture of the finished product!











Next up in my project list is another raspberry pi related project that consoles my inner Harry Potter love! Stay tuned!

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