Test driving the trailer!

Hello everyone!

So after installing a lock on the back hatch, and the doors and windows, it’s time to see how this thing handles on the road!! I was confident that the trailer would do well, but also very nervous about what would happen in the event that something would go wrong! Because of that, I decided to do my test late at night, so that if something did go wrong on the road, very few people would be affected by it.

I had some troubles with the brake lights and had to replace the lighting fuse in our car in order to get it up and running. The coupler-hitch attached with a little bit of head scratching, and before we knew it, we were on the road!

We’re using my fiance’s 2009 Nissan Versa hatchback to tow the trailer. Since the trailer weighs between 800-900 pounds with all of our gear inside, I wanted to be sure that our car would be able to handle pulling the trailer.

The trailer pulled like a dream! After taking a couple laps around our block, and driving it around the city for about 30 minutes at around 35 mph, I took it out onto the interstate to see how the car would handle. I was able to get car and trailer up to 70 mph with almost no major effort from the car. I didn’t feel comfortable taking our setup too much over 70 mph (too much over 70, and the car rpm’s started to jump up to 4000, which was a little labor intensive). The car cruised at 65-70 mph beautifully though, and I felt really confident that our trailer was road trip ready!

Trailer all hitched up and out on the road!

Trailer all hitched up and out on the road!

DSC_0044 1

Other side of the trailer with the window.


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