That is So Metal!!

Hello again Internet!

Made some more updates to the teardrop trailer, and am getting really close to completing this thing! Over the past two weeks, we worked on sealing up the last couple of spots on the roof, and adding sheet metal to the top side for water protection. Let’s get down to it!

Before I put the sheet metal on, I had to cover any spots that had screws or potential holes with asphalt emulsion to prevent leaking (unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of this step, sorry!)

After covering up the potential holes, it was time to lay on the contact cement. To say this was sticky stuff was a bit of an understatement, this cement scared the crap out of me!

We ran into some problems when putting the metal on the back side (contact cement stuck a little too well on a section we didn’t want pasted on), and because of that the sheet metal on our back end has a few dents on it. Other then that though, we were able to get all of the sheet metal cemented onto the roof!

We started cutting the sides of the metal down, and once those are cut to size, we can start putting on trim!

DSC_0026 1

My fiance trimming the metal to size.


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