Working on the Back Hatch

Time for some more updates!

Now that it’s starting to get to crunch time on operation travel trailer, I’ve been working on this trailer daily to get it finished! First, I covered all of the screws that were used to attach the roof in asphalt emulsion to prevent leaking (sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this step).

With that out of the way, I got started on the back hatch for our kitchen area. I especially wanted this part of the trailer to be air tight, so this step took a good couple days worth of work to get put into place.

First, I took a 4 ft by 4 ft sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and traced the outline of the back hatch onto the wood. Next, I moved the plywood 2 inches past the original trace and made a second trace, which outlined a 2 inch wide rib for the back hatch.

The back hatch will attach to this hurricane hinge I purchased a while back off of ebay. The hinge was originally a few inches too long, so I had to cut off a portion of the hinge to make it fit. Here are some pictures!

The back hatch also has to be built with a bit of a crookedness to it, one side of our kitchen is a little more shallow then the other side. I had to cut the spars to where the one on the furthest left side is the smallest and they get gradually bigger until the one on the far right is the biggest. More pics!


After attaching the ribs of the back hatch, and glueing and screwing supports for said ribs, I had to put on the outer skin to the back hatch. This part was harder, mainly because the 1/8 inch thick wood I had purchased didn’t want to bend far enough to line up with the steep curve of my back hatch. With a little TLC (and a lot of glue), I was able to get the outer skin attached to the framework of the hatch, and attach the whole setup to the hurricane hinge! Big thanks to my dad for helping me get the skin and hatch fitted to the hurricane hinge!



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