On the final home stretch with this one! Exterior roof, tar emulsion and fiberglass.

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Hello Internet!

So the past month or so has been pretty intense as far as trailer progress! Unfortunately, most of my progress hasn’t been that photogenic, so I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do. That ends now!

I started off by tacking and gluing some 1/8″ thick plywood to act as the base layer to the exterior roof (wow, that was a mouthful). Working with this plywood is always slow going, because it tends to catch on everything and is very fragile. You’ll see the first couple of photos in the gallery are from this step!

After tacking on the plywood panels, I had to lay some more asphalt emulsion on the front panel that meets up with the metal trailer frame. Since this panel faces the direction of where the trailer will be going, it will be running into a majority of the moisture and is most susceptible to rot.

So with the roof tacked on and trimmed up, it was time to paint the exterior! I really wanted to bring out the wood on the sides, so we painted a fiberglass epoxy (similar to what you see on boat hulls and canoes) to waterproof the sides. On the roof I’m going to be putting up aluminum siding, so we didn’t need to put any epoxy on the roof panels.

Big thanks to my brother Matt (guy with the big beard) and my good friend Brian (the not bearded one) for helping me out with the epoxy, I couldn’t have done it without them! Stay tuned for more progress, we’re coming on the home stretch for finishing this project!!

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