Getting Caulk-y

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    Putting on a little too much caulk, need to do some sanding...
  • DSC_0131
    One of our trailer's many seams!
  • DSC_0147
    Filled in some exterior gaps in the ceiling also.

This post is for several weeks worth of work. Right now with my busy schedule and my fiance’s busy schedule, it’s been a bit of a struggle to make time to get out and work on the trailer. We’re still making progress though, and have some more pictures! Special thanks to my super awesome fiance for taking extra time on her spring break to get a majority of this done!

First thing we did was lay caulk down in the seams of the walls and where the roof panels connected together. The ceiling we have up will be the interior section of our roof, but I still want it to be completely water tight! We also put wood filler over the screws that were used for the walls and ceiling. I know these aren’t the most exciting pictures, but here they are anyway!!

After putting in the caulk and wood filler, we had to let it cure, then sand down the wood filler. I didn’t quite get sanded exactly how I wanted it, and there still a couple of sections that could have gone better, but all in all it’s looking great!

We chose a buttercream type of yellow for the interior, named “warm welcome”. You don’t typically want to paint the inside too dark, because then it’ll make the inside seem smaller then it actually is. When I took the pictures, my camera made the yellow look a little more fluorescent then it actually is, but I still love the color!

So far we have the whole interior painted, and will be starting on the kitchen area next. As usual, will keep everyone posted and take lots of pictures!


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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy Jada says:

    Hi great job! Another trick to get perfectly smooth lines is to put sunlight dish soap on your finger before smoothing out the caulking. It works so well. I highly recommend it!