Major league updates!

Happy New Year!!

Been a crazy couple of weeks with the new year, so my apologies for not posting any progress in my projects! I recently purchased a 12V DC boat battery for all of the electronics that will run on the trailer. Here’s a picture!

Holy Direct Current batman!

Holy Direct Current batman!


I’m not getting too intense with this, no microwaves, fridges or satellite tv! It’s going to power 2 reading lamps, a 5 meter long rope light that will wrap around the interior of the trailer, a roof fan to bring in air and a water pump for our kitchen sink.

I started putting up the wiring around January 2nd (my apologies for the dark pics, it was 5 degrees outside so I kept my garage door closed!) Like I said in my previous post, I was a little uneasy with this part of the build, so I purposefully took my time with this project and studied up on my wiring. Here are some pics of all of my electronics hooked up to test it out!

Testing out the grid

Testing out the grid

Up close on the lighting and roof fan.

Up close of the lighting and roof fan.

After I finished up the wiring (spent about a week total on that part), it was time to put the insulation and inner walls up. Cutting out the insulation took a little bit of time, but with the help of my brother Matt and good friend Brian, we put up all of the insulation and right inner wall in one afternoon! Here are some more pics…

Will have more in depth pictures as I put up the left inner wall and start on the flooring. Part of the difficulty in this is remembering to take the pictures!! Stay tuned.

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