Finished Framing, time to insulate!

So after a couple of agonizingly slow weeks of gluing and waiting on money, I am finally finished with the framing process! Hooray!!!
Now I’m cutting insulation for in between the outer and inner walls, and getting the electrical grid (if you could call it that) set up! This is one of the parts I’m most nervous about, in that I’ve never set up wiring to this magnitude.
The setup will be fairly straightforward, there is going to be a 12v boat battery that will power 2 outside lights, 3-4 inside lights, 2 cigarette lighter plug-ins and a small water pump for a faucet. I’ve picked up the wiring and ordered the fusebox for this part. I’ll set up the wiring first and try to get a hold of the battery and some lights before I put the insulation in (so that I can test to make sure the wiring is ok before I build it into the wall) and then once I’m satisfied with the wiring setup, I’ll put up the insulation and inner walls. In the meantime here are some more pics of the framing process and some spray on rubber I got for sealing the cracks!

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