Making the Internet of Things smaller

While I’m waiting on more funds for the trailer, I started working with a new piece of hardware I picked up a while back called the spark core. It’s a wireless, arduino-compatible microcontroller that can be used for countless projects in the Internet of Things movement to connect the virtual world to the physical world (If you’re interested in the spark core, check out their original kickstarter campaign video here). In a more simpler form, I’m using it to drive my twitter activated coffee pot.
The whole idea is that I can have a coffeemaker set up and ready to go at my place of work, and I’ll send a tweet to a twitter account I have set up which will be picked up by the spark and activate a relay which will turn the coffee pot on.
Unfortunately the spark core has a little bit of trouble connecting to twitter (or more, there isn’t anything set up right now to connect to twitter and I’m not nearly smart enough to put that together myself). So in this case, I’m following an instructable I found by user anouskadg
( which mentions routing twitter to connect to thingspeak and using the Spark core to connect to thingspeak.
Now this instructable is only for connecting twitter to the spark, I still have to set up the relays to the actual coffeepot which should be interesting. I haven’t quite gotten that far, so I’m not sure if I want to use a regular 5v relay switch and wire it to the coffeepot, or if I want to go the safer route and have it activate a power switch tail (essentially a power strip with a relay embedded within it so that  you can turn things on and off. Super cool stuff!)
Anyways, hope that gives you an idea of what I’m working on over the past week or so. As usual, I’ll be sure to post up pics/videos as I make more progress. Stay tuned!

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